The Festival Family NFT Collection

The Festival Family is a collection of NFTs from festivalPass, the world's first live event membership marketplace.

10,000 characters embody the personas of live event fans everywhere.

The Festival Family
Founder's Pass

redeemable credits
$1,200 worth of festivalPass credits to redeem on experiences each year
no more ticket fees
No more ticketing fees - EVER
digital assets
Access to over 80k live events in the US and 600k hotel stays globally
bucket list
Exclusive access to holder only bucket list style events
exclusive membership
festivalPass Founder's Membership as long as you hold the NFT

The Festival Family Founder's Pass is a limited collection of 10,000 Founder's NFTs that provide utility access to the festivalPass ecosystem. The Founder's Pass comes with our ultimate utility, a lifetime Founder's membership to festivalPass. Each Founder's Pass holder will receive $1,200 worth of credits annually to redeem for over 80,000 live events in North America and 600,000 hotels globally.  

Just think about to $1,200 worth of live events every year for as long as you hold the NFT.  Not to mention quarterly bucket list events only available to NFT holders.  Now that is VIP access!

NFT holders will have exclusive access to holder only events that will be curated by festivalPass on a quarterly basis. These will be bucket list type events voted on by our holder community. Think private concerts with well known artists, luxury box sporting events with player meet and greets, amazing celebrity chef driven events with intimate interactions and more... only for our NFT holders.

Our team has thought deeply about the value provided by the Festival Family Founder's Pass. This initial collection of 10,000 will provide the highest level of access to the festivalPass ecosystem, and will never be offered again. We're so excited for you to see what we have in store!

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Meet Legend

Legend is a talented guitarist and front man, who has toured in rock bands his entire adult life. He exudes confidence and sex appeal... He is wild and carefree. Everyone that meets him can’t help but want to be him. He is the rockstar persona that dominates Tranche 1 of the Festival Family.
Legend 85
Legend 66
Legend 59
Legend 49
Legend 32
Legend 27


Immediate utility with an exciting future.
June 1, 2022 - First Tranche of 1,000 Founder NFTs Announced

Offering immediate utility to holders upon mint, including $1,200 of credits to spend on your choice of 80,000 live events EVERY YEAR for life.

June 5, 2022 - NFT Token Gating

Final implementation and testing of token gating software and credit system into the festivalPass platform.

Late June 2022 - Allow List Mint

Allow List members have access to mint and instantly redeem credits at

NFT Launch
Early July 2022 - Public Mint

The first stage of our mint will open to public members.

Holders get access to 80k+ live events and 600k+ hotels globally.
July / Aug 2022 - Tranche 2 Opens

Upon sellout of Tranche 1, Tranche 2 will open and so on until all 10 tranches have been sold.

Q4 2022 - First Holder Event

Holders will vote on and have access to exclusive quarterly events including but not limited to - private concerts, VIP sports experiences, curated dining events and more!

2023 and Beyond

festivalPass will continue to curate holder events and secure partnerships that provide the highest level of access to live events. festivalPass will invest resources into its platform to expand credit utility and create a fully inclusive, web3 enabled ticketing experience!

Our Tribe

The Festival Family Team

Meet our core leadership and operations team
Ed Vincent Founder/CEO
Ed Vincent
Founder / CEO
Proven Founding Entrepreneur, Product Leader & Web 3 Evangelist
Stephan de Bernede
Chief Business Officer
Stephan de Bernede
Chief Business Officer
10+ years as a Senior Executive at HomeAway / VRBO (acquired by Expedia)
Tom Donohue
Community & Product Mgr
Seasoned Product Manager and Co-Founder of Secure Digital Asset Group
Polyient X
Web3 Development Agency
Leading Web 3 and NFT Development Agency
Briant Campbell
Lead Engineer
Seasoned full-stack developer with crypto project experience

Meet our advisor and investor team

Brian Sharples
Brian Sharples
Co-founder and former CEO of HomeAway
Shelli Taylor
Shelli Taylor
CEO, Alamo Drafthouse
Jason Dorsey
Jason Dorsey
Global Millennial and Gen Z Expert
Lisa Licht
Lisa Licht
Former CMO, Live Nation Concerts
Jacob Trouba
Jacob Trouba
NHL Hockey Player, NY Rangers
Vincent Sarafa
Vincent Sarafa
Chief Strategy Officer, Augeo Marketing
Laurie Kirby
Laurie Kirby
Founder, Fest Forum
Lou Schwartz
Lou Schwartz
CEO, Engine Media
Gregory Butler
Gregory Butler
Founder, ZuCasa
Geoff Cottrill
CMO Top Golf - Former CocaCola, Starbucks, Converse
Raj Doshi
Chief Growth Officer, BlueCora
Damon Gersh
Damon Gersh
Founder, Maxons Restoration

Frequently asked questions

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Why are you releasing the Founder’s NFT in tranches?
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What happens if I don’t get an NFT in the first tranche?
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How do I get on the Allow List?
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What does “No ticketing fees” really mean?
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Can I still subscribe to festivalPass without owning an NFT?
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